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a Very Pregnant Stacy Francis appeared on  the Cable TV show VH1 Beverly Hills Fabulous

a Very Pregnant Stacy Francis appeared on a Cable TV show  and candidly admitted to Elgin Charles on VH1 Beverly Hills Fabulous that the baby she was carrying was a product of an adulterous affair. (Stacy Is good friends with Elgins wife actress Jackee Harry  )

not a very wise thing to do when it involves a divorce.

while trying to protect  identity of the baby daddy in the divorce case. which Is whats happening.

Stacy legally named  this love child “Anastasia Noelle Jones”

The soon to be  EX husband  Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

Stacy and Dr Darwin Hayes DDS attending a Scientology Event at the Los Angeles Celebrity Center

The former couple Is locked in a bitter divorce. the big hold up is the identity of Stacy’s daughter

also there Is an Issue,that she receives substantial financial support from the Mystery Babbydaddy.

so much for crying poor on X-Factor!

not when she shuttles from “Los Angeles to private parties on the Island of  “Turks and Cacios” to her Celebrity friends homes in Atlanta and back to Beverly Hills.

how do you think she affords all those expensive weaves!

Stacy has been chasing the Glitz and Glam of the Celebrity fueled lifestyle..

especially since Mz Francis enjoys hanging with her close personal Gal Pals .Tisha Campbell and Sherri Headly and Lisa Raye and others for a number of years!


Give Me that Old Time Religion


Make up a story and stick too it.

Stacy Francis went to get her story out further (after she sold the first story to the British Tabloids)

That calculated decision was go to her close personal friend Shaun Robinson who works for the TV tabloid show Access Hollywood

where she could be assured getting a one sided puff piece.

Stacy and Shaun have a close relationship and share many of the same celebrity friends.

and get together for the normal things friends are known to birthdays shopping and weddings.

Shaun and Stacy also share the same church Faithful Central Bible Church ..(well Stacy’s other Church.outside of Scientology)

since appearing on X-Factor Stacy has been vehemently assured her followers that she’s a Christian.

Shawn was not going to ask her friend any hard hitting questions or get anywhere near the truth.

it was a calculated Public Relations manipulation with the complicit help of  personal a friend used to down play some of the damage caused by the British tabloid claims.


Shaun and Stacy attending church together.

Stacy and Shaun are also both close personal friends with the singer Brandy who’s brother is Ray J

yes that Ray J the man who Is also caught up in the drama surrounding Whitney and Stacy.

that Ray J and Stacy go way back and are good friends is true.


by doing a puff piece Shaun Is also protecting her friends Brandy and Ray J as well as Stacy Francis.

it was another slap in the face to the Houston Family. with the help of Cable Network show Access Hollywood


Brandy was also a Scientology Dabbler back in 2006 that may have been how she met Stacy.

Brandy was a featured in a duet on a self releases CD  recorded by Stacy Francis titled “My Soulful Side” in 2008 on a track titled “Into my eyes”

that CD was available for sale at the many Scientology events Stacy performed at


much of the Album was recorded at Scientology owned Mad Hatter Studios with  live cuts also recorded at the Celebrity Center In Los Angeles according to the liner notes.

Stacy claims the CD didn’t exist…then she brushed it aside saying it was just a demo. that was just another lie to add to the trail of lies piling up.

Brandy’s father was also a pastor at the Faithful Central Bible Church

as you might know,getting a straight answer from Stacy Francis Is worse than pulling teeth

something Her soon to be Ex-Husband Dr Darwin Hayes DDS is probably well aware of.

Mz Francis affair with the tabloids

Mz Francis affair with the tabloidsImage

Perez? Ah Hell No!

while performing on X-Factor information about Stacy Francis Career began making its way through the Internet tabloids.

most of it was in stark contradiction to Sob story Stacy Francis was dishing out on National television

the story line was that She was a poor struggling single mother of two young children, who had given up performing because of an abusive Ex Husband and it was because of his discouragement She had given up on Her Career…

Well as it turns out Stacy was kept considerably busy performing working on Broadway,and Off Broadway Theater and small stage plays,with credits in dozen of television roles,featured singer in multiple cabaret shows and singing at dozens of yearly Scientology events.and benefits

As well as her past professional recording career.

The sob story she was spinning began to unravel quickly.

It wasn’t FOX network and The Producers of the X-Factor cooking up the sob story.

the blame should fall where it belongs.squarely on Mz Francis;s shoulders.

Stacy used the woe Is me sob story drama months earlier on another show  similar to the X Factor

on the BET Cable Network Program Sundays Best season 3

using her children as a prop to gain sympathy from the  TV audience.

same sob story

the mountain of baggage uncovered in the press on the Internet painted a much different picture than Mz Francis tried desperately to portray

well it backfired.

so much was uncovered about her past history there was not a chance in Hell Stacy Francis would last another episode.

Stacys star fizzled when it came down to a choice of a temperamental teenager,who should have been sent home. and Stacy

and that Stacy’s singing was over the top ,and pitchy and off key didn’t help matters

Stacy was sent packing.

Stacy couldn’t blame it on her former Scientologist vocal coach

see:her notes on you tube

or Her agent Scientologist Lauren Blaine


she previous denied having any formal vocal training or an agent.

Stacy Francis An Affair with Scientology?

Stacy Francis An Affair with Scientology?


When Stacy Francis stated Getting Bad Press it was because of her inability to tell the truth.

Stacy vehemently denied She was involved in Scientology in any way…

the overwhelming evidence proves otherwise.

the soon to be Ex Husband  Darwin Hayes was also involved in Scientology alongside his then wife

Stacy Francis performed at multiple Scientology events and was featured in multiple Scientology publications.

Stacy also made the News when it was revealed She performed at a private Birthday party for Scientology’s biggest Celebrity Tom Cruise aboard the Freewinds a Scientology Cruise Ship used for teaching secretive upper level courses to its elite.

Stacy also claimed she only met Tom on that one occasion, which was not the truth.


Here Is Stacy with Tom at the Celebrity Center In Los Angeles cozying up to a man she claimed She only Met once.

Google:Stacy Francis + Scientology

It will reveal way More than Mz Francis would like the public to know.

a large portion of the references you’ll find are sourced from Scientology publications.

along with mountains of info about her Broadway career, her Recording Career, and sharing the stage with some well know artists/…Including Whitney Houston,Prince.and Madonna

You are NOT the father!


well no its not him…but

Stacy Francis has had more success than she let on when She Appeared on X-Factor

and the claims of a life of hardship and poverty weren’t exactly truthful to say the least

and Stacy has quite the collection of Celebrity Friends and benefactors


Stacy Is close personal friends friends  those shown here. Will Smith along with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith


Stacy Is long time friends with Actress Tish Campbell,her Husband Duane Martin, Actress Sheri Headley,as well as TV personality Shawn Robinson singer Brandy,and her brother Ray J  Lisa Raye McCoy and dozens of others well known inside Hollywood elite.


Stacy’s group of friend  lives are surrounded with constant Drama -rumors of salacious adulterous affairs played out in the tabloids-rumored infidelities- nasty divorces-cheating spouses-

Stacy Francis fits  right in with her Hollywood friends drama fueled lifestyle.

and a few know exactly who the Mystery babydaddy Is.

and some are keeping secrets for Mz Francis

tell Us Maury Povich :who Is that father”

tell Us Maury Povich :who Is that father”


You may remember Stacy Francis cried poor on X-Factor claiming abuse at the hands of and EX

turns out Stacy may not have been telling the truth.

Stacy Fizzled out on X-Factor and had her 15 minutes of fame

Mz Francis’s next bout with notoriety came when she encountered Whitney Houston at a Pre-Grammy’s party, that ill fated night just prior to the singers death

Mz. Stacy Francis got her Name in the papers again after she  sold Her story to the British Tabloids before the family had their Funeral arrangements settled for Whitney

“She put her hand in my face. She was screaming at me and called me a bitch. She just went crazy – like Jekyll and Hyde,” Francis told the Daily Mirror

Stacy made outrageous claims about Whitney’s behavior that clearly contradict what several others witnessed. including Members of the pop singers family.

Ms Francis intent may have been to get Ms Houston’s Attention

and possibly angling for a role in a Story on Whitney Houston’s career  she had been cooking up with her New Management.

Mz Fracis close Scientology friends were speculating about the death before the results were in and the comments are shocking and  misleading. and an Insult to the grieving family.

or Scientology’s official anti-Psychiatry propaganda arm exploiting the death  of the star to push its agenda .

a divorce is pending and the :Mystery babydaddy who Is supporting Mz Francis will at some point be revealed..

stay tuned:


Stacy Francis B…

Stacy Francis Baby Daddy Revealed


Stacy Francis with DDS Darwin Hayes at a Scientology gathering during better days

with baby daughter  “Anastasia Noelle Jones

Stacy Francis the Former X Factor contestant Is embattled in a Nasty Divorce with her Ex Husband Hollywood Dentist Darwin Hayes

Stacy Francis Is in the news once again because of a argument with Whitney Houston hours before the legendary singer passed away.

Stacy Francis sold her story about the singers last hours to the tabloids

Stacy appeared on a Reality TV show Beverly Hill Fabulous where she told her hairdresser about her affair

you can view that show here.

Stacy also has a background with ScientologyImage

Stacy Francis getting cozy with Louis Farrakhan at the Scientology Celebrity Center LA

Rumors are that a Bishop who has a famous sibling Is the father of the baby.