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Xenu made me do it

June 26, 2012

With Bishop Noel Jones there are Rumors of several adulterous affairs,it ain’t his first rodeo or denial
and the man certifiably does have a proven proclivity for skirt chasing starlets.

add to the mix this newest adulterous affair and love child

paints quite a rosy picture of this Pulpit Pimp


Stacy was the source of infidelity in Both of her Marriages.yes she cheated on BOTH of her HUSBANDS!

She Cheated on Her First Husband Michael Sandloafer a successful Music Producer with Her Second Husband Dr Darwin Hayes a successful Hollywood Dentist’

Michael Sandlofer, 1st Husband to X Factor‘s Stacy Francis, on Her Past, Her Scientology, and Her Problems With The Truth

She wed The Dr Hayes who became  Her Second Husband she turned around Cheated on Him with her Newest Sugar Daddy

and She even admitted to Cheating  on the VH1 TV Show Beverly Hills Fabulous!  showing the world your Wallmart Ways,No less !

So much for being faithful. and Not very Christian!

But hey! She was a Scientologist both time and cheating,infidelity and adulterous affairs are perfectly acceptable in the name of Xenu!

that Is, unless it causes a Public Relations Nightmare or Embarrassment for Scientology! then they might dig into your trash and photograph you in a compromising position from the bushes, or use some of the salacious details from your personal auditing files.

Stacy Became  a Scientologist in 2003 when she was Married to Her first Husband

When Stacy moved out to LA to further her failing Career

Stacy Continued to be a Scientologist thorough her Marriage to Dr Darwin he also was involved with Scientology

Exclusive: Close Friend of Stacy Francis’ Husband Was Afraid He Would Do Something Terrible to Bishop Noel Jones For Sleeping With His Wife!!!

enter the Holy Man with nothing to gain and everything to loose

Stacy was still a Very Very active Scientologist when She carried on Her affair Became Pregnant with the Bishops Love Child..

She carried on the affair while living with Her Husband..once a cheater always a cheater

The reason Her Divorce from Dr Darwin Hayes Has dragged out so long

its safe to assume its  because of Stacy

Its about keeping the Baby Daddy protected and the Overly Generous Child Support Flowing Into her Bank account.
Its hard work Living the fake Celebrity Lifestyle and keeping UP with Her LONG Time Celebrity Friends

theres some Mega Church Bucks of her Sugar Daddy’s Parishioners(suckers)

Money courtesy of  Bishop Noel Jones rolling in.

Praise Jebus and Pass the collection plate Stacy Francis Needs an expensive New Weave!


no use denying she knows the man ….Is there!

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