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Babby Daddy Exposed! The Horny Bishop and The Scientologist!

June 25, 2012

Radar online broke the story

and Here it Is

X Factor’s Stacy Francis Had Affair With Bishop Noel Jones, He’s Her Baby Daddy!

we knew the denials would be hot on the heels of that admission by Mz Francis

if you haven’t noticed Stacy Is a train wreck .. first by admitting an adulterous affair on a Cable Television show

then spinning her lies over and over

Playing poor Baby Momma for a shot on X Factor! bitch be real!

your Hubby was a Dentist and your Sugar  Baby Daddy Is a RICH Bishop  with a Big Church following!

There Is no way in Hell a Pentecostal Bishop s going to admit adultery in this day and age

theres Is literally too much Money at stake for Noel Jones to make any admission…and the money Is rolling in…

Hes been paying lots of money to keep it quiet in the ongoing divorce of Mz. Francis…

(that was alluded to in the couples documented divorce case)

why back off now!


rumors of dropping his adulterous seed into a Married woman will bring in new followers?

thats a Man with some huge Narcissism Issues.

I guess he didn’t pay attention when Jimmy Swaggert got caught a second time with a Hooker and a pile of Pornography when he was pulled over by a state trooper!

and what does Stacy Francis have to say now these two have cooked up a story to cover the Bishops Ass?

deny and lie about everything! Thats Scientology!

Stacy was a Scientologist when the good Bishop dropped his sinful adulterous seed in Mz. Francis

its adulterous Affair of the Pimpin Pulpit Prince and the Chronic Pathological Liar and  Home Wrecker

the LIES will make the FALL that much HARDER!

praise Xenu and pass the popcorn!

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