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Stacy Francis the “church singer”

March 27, 2012

Stacy Francis at Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Presents “Christmas Stories XVI” (By Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment)

According to Her Bio’s that Stacy has plastered all over the Internet before Her appearance on X-Factor made note of her career over the past decade

Stacy Francis grew up a preacher’s kid singing in her uncle’s church in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn NYC

Stacy has Gospel roots going back to her childhood.

another fact Is her long time Association with Chaka Khan who had been a mentor to Stacy as has taken the singer under he wing on several occasions over the past 2 decades, it was Chaka that gave her her start on the Broadway stage, got her a brief gig as a backup singer with Prince,and has appeared with Chaka on dozens of stages over the years.

in 2010 Stacy Sang for Louis Farrakhan at the Scientology Celebrity Center along with Chaka where she sang  Mariah Carey’s Hero to Minister Farrakhan. in a private event Honoring the Minister and promoting the Nation of Islam embracing Scientology’s Dianetics

Simon said on X-Factor  he didn’t like Stacy Frances‘ song choice and called her a ‘church singer

to which Stacy acted as if it was an insult.

Simon Later went on to say

Cowell admitted today, “Some of the best  singers  in the world are what I call church singers, like Aretha Franklin – that’s what I mean, what’s wrong with that? But Stacy got it so wrong last week.  So I’m going to take responsibility for what she’s singing tonight. If she gets it wrong tonight I’ll take full responsibility – but this is more me than Nicole with Stacy this week, its been me guiding her.”

Seems Simon Cowell was on the right track …

the question becomes “Gospel or Scientology Church”.. well both…

Stacy found Jesus after She became pregnant with her 2nd child her daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones

and started publicly denying her past in Scientology.

there was a effort by Mz Francis and team (which included deleting personal web pages) including many Scientology related references.

and there is only one reason for this.

Stacy dosen’t want to upset the mystery sugar daddy paying the secretive child support hush money. or offend her many new fans with her long standing association with the controversial group Scientology.


She also dosen’t want to  bite the hand  of (Scientology ) which in the past has given her enormous financial backing,and career support,,with agents,vocal training,recording studio time, Promotion and PR and hundreds of performances.

If Stacy were to  criticize Scientology  the “Church” would force all their adherents to disavow and “disconnect”  form Mz Francis..

Stacy with some close wealthy celebrity church friends  ..who praise the Gospel of L Ron Hubbard

Stacy’s  deleted web page can be found  through the Internet Archive

it mysteriously disappeared along with her real facebook page weeks before the first  X-Factor episode aired..

the company behind creating the above web site Is involved with Scientology

and yes shes advertising the sale of a CD she denies exists.

Also Chaka Khan has a long standing association with Scientology if you weren’t already aware of that fact.

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