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How and Why Stacy Francis stalked Whitney Houston

March 27, 2012

Brand management expert Grant Cardone added: “Whitney’s ‘brand’ could be sold right now for $100 million. The buyer could then develop movies, plays, Cirque du Soleil-type shows and even a theme park using her name. In the end, Whitney could be a billion-dollar brand!”

Grant was eager to promote Stacy to portray Whitney ,but  that was actually before Whitney passed away.

you can see from above,The man was drooling over the money that could be made off this now Dead singers legacy.

Scientologist Grant Cardone was promoting Stacy and the two talked about  their business relationship on twitter

Grant Cardone Is a bit of a fame whore and self promoter and has promoted Stacy through a Scientology Front Group he founded

called Project 30 USA Foundation, yes Grant has guided and promoted some of Stacy’s Career in the past.

the big part of this foundation was Promoting Scientology through Artist and one of the main people it promoted was Stacy Francis.

Grant many makes his fortune as he shills himself out on the seminar circuit  teaching Car Salesmen on how to “HARD SELL” customers.

mostly hes a wealthy professional bullshitter who sells Scientology to used car salesmen.

Grant being the opportunist smelled an even bigger chunk of $$$ moolah coming his way after Stacys X-Factor appearance.

and he wanted his GIRL to Star as Whitney!

grantcardone Grant Cardone
Follow my buddy from Xfactor @stacyfrancis…Do it now. I am going to be her agent! She is a super freak Talent
24 Dec

Pat Houston Had some things on Oprah Winfrey show that what Stacy sold in Her tabloid tell all.

Stacy has a history of Not telling the truth…

and what Pat Houston had to say comes off as far more credible

“There were words back and forth between [Whitney] and a young lady I believe was on The X Factor,” Patricia Houston said on Oprah’s Next Chapter, which aired Sunday.  “[Francis] comes over, and she says hello, but you keep seeing her. Every corner that we go to, here she comes. Didn’t know her. She didn’t know her from Adam. I don’t know what the initial conversation was. I just know that it didn’t feel right”

Patricia Houston added that Francis appeared to have tears in her eyes, but said the argument did not escalate beyond that.

Stacy was there hounding Whitney, She was there to get noticed,She was there looking for something

“I grabbed her hand and said, ‘Please don’t do this. You’re everything to me. You’re my idol, you’re a legend,’” Francis said.

and according to Patrica Houston Stacy was following the singer all evening.

Stacy wanted the brass ring. She wanted to be Mz Houston! thats why she hounded the singer acted like stalker ‘

IT BACKFIRED! big time!

Stacy’s friends say Stacy jumped into this picture behind Jenifer Lopez,and that She has never met Jenifer Lopez,and was only looking to be seen.

People that truly know her say she Is obsessed with gaining fame and fortune.

Michael Sandloafer her first husband had this to say:

    She was clear about her agenda. “Stacy, number one, is very adamant about being famous,” he says. Although she had already had some success as a Broadway performer, Francis told Sandlofer that it wasn’t enough, he remembers.

“I don’t want to be famous all my life on just one block,” is something she said repeatedly, Sandlofer recalls, meaning that she needed to expand beyond Broadway singing.

Its why Stacy ultimately moved  to Los Angeles and jumped into the Scientology PR machine head first.

its why She hounded Whitney…and why she had no qualms about selling her phony story to the British Tabloids.

money and Fame.. and a rich baby daddy

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