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Stacy Looks for Sympathy to gain fame

March 25, 2012


Stacy Francs  with the Minister Louis Farrakhan  and Scientology Reverend Alfreddie Johnson at the Scientology Celebrity Center in LA

As you know Stacy Was a Contestant on X-Factor

AS part of the publicity and Pr for the show Stacy Spun a phony story of a “struggling mother of two babies who have given up all hope of having a career in Music,because of a abusive past relationship with Her EX husband”

turns out it the accusations Stacy was leveling wasn’t directed at soon to be EX Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

yet she did allege She was left financially abandoned had to fend for herself with two young babies.

Stacy and Her PR team turned to TV Cable Network Gossip show Access Hollywood and Her close personal friend Shaun Robinson to spin the story, because of the negative press Stacy Francis  had generated.  with charges of domestic violence.

that issue Is serious and damning to the person your accusing. if its not true and Stacy used a National TV broadcast to allege abuse. as a  way to garner sympathy on her quest for fame.

The man Stacy aledges abused her was a Music Producer Michael Sandloafer

and He tells a much more believable story to the Village Voice to try and set the record straight.

they were Married Less that a Year ..and the Marriage was annulled.

this was over a DECADE AGO!

Michael Payed for an Apartment and Car out in Los Angeles so Stacy could follow her dreams

He lived in New York..and She Lived in Los Angeles

Sandlofer says, she cheated on him with the man who would become her second husband.

as it turns out that affair was with her soon to be EX-Husband Dr Darwin Hayes DDS whom Stacy also admittedly cheated on!

the interesting thing Is Michael & Stacy  optioned for an annulment rather than a divorce.

Its quite possible it wasn’t as abusive as Stacy alleges!

Michael Sandlofer actually had several complementary things to say about Stacy in the above article despite being trashed on National Television by his Ex.

it should also be noted:Michael Sandloafer and Stacy Francis do not have any children together.

This Is Dr Darwin Hayes DDS with His and Stacy’s son

the man looks perfectly capable of supporting his son..

so why the LIES Mz Francis?

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