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March 25, 2012

a Very Pregnant Stacy Francis appeared on  the Cable TV show VH1 Beverly Hills Fabulous

a Very Pregnant Stacy Francis appeared on a Cable TV show  and candidly admitted to Elgin Charles on VH1 Beverly Hills Fabulous that the baby she was carrying was a product of an adulterous affair. (Stacy Is good friends with Elgins wife actress Jackee Harry  )

not a very wise thing to do when it involves a divorce.

while trying to protect  identity of the baby daddy in the divorce case. which Is whats happening.

Stacy legally named  this love child “Anastasia Noelle Jones”

The soon to be  EX husband  Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

Stacy and Dr Darwin Hayes DDS attending a Scientology Event at the Los Angeles Celebrity Center

The former couple Is locked in a bitter divorce. the big hold up is the identity of Stacy’s daughter

also there Is an Issue,that she receives substantial financial support from the Mystery Babbydaddy.

so much for crying poor on X-Factor!

not when she shuttles from “Los Angeles to private parties on the Island of  “Turks and Cacios” to her Celebrity friends homes in Atlanta and back to Beverly Hills.

how do you think she affords all those expensive weaves!

Stacy has been chasing the Glitz and Glam of the Celebrity fueled lifestyle..

especially since Mz Francis enjoys hanging with her close personal Gal Pals .Tisha Campbell and Sherri Headly and Lisa Raye and others for a number of years!

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