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My Babies! My poor poor babies

March 25, 2012

My Babies! My poor poor babiesImage

many will remember the lead in clip to Stacy’s debut performance on X-Factor

In which an over the Top Stacy lamented about struggling to keep the lights on,worrying about her babies not having enough to eat. and it was all thanks to the abuse by the doings of an Ex husband.

The truth Is Stacy Francis was responsible for any plight and turmoil in her life. real or imagined.

in reality Dr Darwin Hayes was responsible for the oldest child they had together, and in all likelihood was paying support

its the first thing the Divorce courts will order the responsible parties to do.

(He Is a working Dentist who owns his Private Practice).

The pair Is locked in a Custody Battle for the couples oldest child a son,Donovan … so financial support would be enforced and over seen by the courts. and the child would not go neglected..neither child would for that matter.

as far as the daughter Is concerned…Stacy admitted an adulterous affair on the responsibility falls on the mystery baby daddy’s shoulders but only after the court case is finalized.

Stacy wed Darwin in 2007 but filed for divorce in May 2010 and has been battling over custody of their nearly 4-year-old son Donovan. In court pa­pers, Darwin claims their marriage was “fraught with financial and emotional problems.” He also said Stacy “sought solace elsewhere, resulting in her (sec­ond) pregnancy…It is clear to me that the baby is not mine as (Stacy) has told me and many others.”

According to Los Angeles County birth records, Stacy delivered daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones on Dec. 3. While no father’s name is listed on the birth certificate, Darwin claims in court papers that Stacy “re­ceives a substantial amount of money” from her mystery baby daddy.

turns out the mystery baby daddy is throwing a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY Mz Francis way.

that may include helping pay Stacy’s Hollywood Divorce lawyer.

thats Stacy appearing on the Cable TV show Hells Kitchen..yes she say “my baby’s trying to eat”

as part of the Hells Kitchen Episode  the chefs were feeding a group of pregnant women…and Stacy was along for the ride.


It seems Stacy’s high profile friends threw a party for Stacy’s Debut on X Factor

the information can be found the web site link above

the Dancing Chef aka Lovejoy Cole III

on his web page he gives his Occupation: Super Chef, Freelance Writer, Dancer, Hustler 7.0

you can also view his high profile clientèle..and where he names drops on list of famous clients

according to the web page on:

Sept. 21 Tisha Campbell/Will Smith Party for Stacy Francis X factor debut

Will and Tisha threw a catered shindig to kick off Stacys X-Factor debut…

these are close friends who know both Darwin and Stacy …as well as the mystery baby daddy.. lets just say Will Smith knows him really well.

there celebrity friends knew of Stacy’s plight..why he hell didn’t they buy a bag of Diapers for their friend in need?

Well it was because she really wasn’t that bad off…to begin with.

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