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Sex,Lies,Scientology & Jesus

March 25, 2012

Stacy Francs getting cozy with Mr Scientology

Stacy Francis as you can see if you check this link Stacy was Heavily into Scientology prior to X-Factor

yet publicly when questioned by the press She has adamantly denied having  anything to do with Scientology.

well it dosen’t jibe with the mountain of proof.

Stacy Francis Is promoted all over In Scientology publications and they do consider Her to be a member,not to mention she Is heavily involved with taking courses. and has performed at hundreds of  their events.(that dosen’t happen unless your a Scientologist!)

So why lie to the press. why the calculated decision to cover it up and deny it.

Stacy now contends She has found Jesus & Is reading the word of God….. “and there Is a reason”

its defiantly a step in the right direction especially after She was involved deeply with Scientology.

Actually Stacy Is still involved with Scientology at lest shes been keeping company with many of Her Scientologist friends..

Heres Stacy with Scientology Pal Grant Cardone

(Her Scientology friends would have to disconnect from her if She publicly disavowed Scientology)

heres some of Grants greatest  hits

the above articles are  an example of how Scientologist react and stop playing nice when you disavow them.

there Is actually a reason Stacy has dropped Scientology and refuses to acknowledge her past in it.

and there Is a HUGE reason Stacy Francis has suddenly found Jesus again.

its because of the mystery babydaddy who Is pushing financial support her way for her daughter she had from her latest adulterous affair.

and the Father of her daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones.

there Is a Shocking reason for the cover up and denial and Lies..

and most of Stacy’s close Celebrity friends know the answer.


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