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Mz Francis affair with the tabloids

March 24, 2012

Mz Francis affair with the tabloidsImage

Perez? Ah Hell No!

while performing on X-Factor information about Stacy Francis Career began making its way through the Internet tabloids.

most of it was in stark contradiction to Sob story Stacy Francis was dishing out on National television

the story line was that She was a poor struggling single mother of two young children, who had given up performing because of an abusive Ex Husband and it was because of his discouragement She had given up on Her Career…

Well as it turns out Stacy was kept considerably busy performing working on Broadway,and Off Broadway Theater and small stage plays,with credits in dozen of television roles,featured singer in multiple cabaret shows and singing at dozens of yearly Scientology events.and benefits

As well as her past professional recording career.

The sob story she was spinning began to unravel quickly.

It wasn’t FOX network and The Producers of the X-Factor cooking up the sob story.

the blame should fall where it belongs.squarely on Mz Francis;s shoulders.

Stacy used the woe Is me sob story drama months earlier on another show  similar to the X Factor

on the BET Cable Network Program Sundays Best season 3

using her children as a prop to gain sympathy from the  TV audience.

same sob story

the mountain of baggage uncovered in the press on the Internet painted a much different picture than Mz Francis tried desperately to portray

well it backfired.

so much was uncovered about her past history there was not a chance in Hell Stacy Francis would last another episode.

Stacys star fizzled when it came down to a choice of a temperamental teenager,who should have been sent home. and Stacy

and that Stacy’s singing was over the top ,and pitchy and off key didn’t help matters

Stacy was sent packing.

Stacy couldn’t blame it on her former Scientologist vocal coach

see:her notes on you tube

or Her agent Scientologist Lauren Blaine


she previous denied having any formal vocal training or an agent.

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