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Give Me that Old Time Religion

March 24, 2012


Make up a story and stick too it.

Stacy Francis went to get her story out further (after she sold the first story to the British Tabloids)

That calculated decision was go to her close personal friend Shaun Robinson who works for the TV tabloid show Access Hollywood

where she could be assured getting a one sided puff piece.

Stacy and Shaun have a close relationship and share many of the same celebrity friends.

and get together for the normal things friends are known to birthdays shopping and weddings.

Shaun and Stacy also share the same church Faithful Central Bible Church ..(well Stacy’s other Church.outside of Scientology)

since appearing on X-Factor Stacy has been vehemently assured her followers that she’s a Christian.

Shawn was not going to ask her friend any hard hitting questions or get anywhere near the truth.

it was a calculated Public Relations manipulation with the complicit help of  personal a friend used to down play some of the damage caused by the British tabloid claims.


Shaun and Stacy attending church together.

Stacy and Shaun are also both close personal friends with the singer Brandy who’s brother is Ray J

yes that Ray J the man who Is also caught up in the drama surrounding Whitney and Stacy.

that Ray J and Stacy go way back and are good friends is true.


by doing a puff piece Shaun Is also protecting her friends Brandy and Ray J as well as Stacy Francis.

it was another slap in the face to the Houston Family. with the help of Cable Network show Access Hollywood


Brandy was also a Scientology Dabbler back in 2006 that may have been how she met Stacy.

Brandy was a featured in a duet on a self releases CD  recorded by Stacy Francis titled “My Soulful Side” in 2008 on a track titled “Into my eyes”

that CD was available for sale at the many Scientology events Stacy performed at


much of the Album was recorded at Scientology owned Mad Hatter Studios with  live cuts also recorded at the Celebrity Center In Los Angeles according to the liner notes.

Stacy claims the CD didn’t exist…then she brushed it aside saying it was just a demo. that was just another lie to add to the trail of lies piling up.

Brandy’s father was also a pastor at the Faithful Central Bible Church

as you might know,getting a straight answer from Stacy Francis Is worse than pulling teeth

something Her soon to be Ex-Husband Dr Darwin Hayes DDS is probably well aware of.

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  1. angela hayes permalink

    Karma is a you know WHAT! I am the 1st Mrs.haes and she broke my home up! You get what you put out.

  2. angela hayes permalink

    I am the 1st Mrs. Dr. Darwin Hayes wife. Karma is a you know +hat.

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