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You are NOT the father!

March 23, 2012


well no its not him…but

Stacy Francis has had more success than she let on when She Appeared on X-Factor

and the claims of a life of hardship and poverty weren’t exactly truthful to say the least

and Stacy has quite the collection of Celebrity Friends and benefactors


Stacy Is close personal friends friends  those shown here. Will Smith along with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith


Stacy Is long time friends with Actress Tish Campbell,her Husband Duane Martin, Actress Sheri Headley,as well as TV personality Shawn Robinson singer Brandy,and her brother Ray J  Lisa Raye McCoy and dozens of others well known inside Hollywood elite.


Stacy’s group of friend  lives are surrounded with constant Drama -rumors of salacious adulterous affairs played out in the tabloids-rumored infidelities- nasty divorces-cheating spouses-

Stacy Francis fits  right in with her Hollywood friends drama fueled lifestyle.

and a few know exactly who the Mystery babydaddy Is.

and some are keeping secrets for Mz Francis

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