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Stacy Francis An Affair with Scientology?

March 23, 2012

Stacy Francis An Affair with Scientology?


When Stacy Francis stated Getting Bad Press it was because of her inability to tell the truth.

Stacy vehemently denied She was involved in Scientology in any way…

the overwhelming evidence proves otherwise.

the soon to be Ex Husband  Darwin Hayes was also involved in Scientology alongside his then wife

Stacy Francis performed at multiple Scientology events and was featured in multiple Scientology publications.

Stacy also made the News when it was revealed She performed at a private Birthday party for Scientology’s biggest Celebrity Tom Cruise aboard the Freewinds a Scientology Cruise Ship used for teaching secretive upper level courses to its elite.

Stacy also claimed she only met Tom on that one occasion, which was not the truth.


Here Is Stacy with Tom at the Celebrity Center In Los Angeles cozying up to a man she claimed She only Met once.

Google:Stacy Francis + Scientology

It will reveal way More than Mz Francis would like the public to know.

a large portion of the references you’ll find are sourced from Scientology publications.

along with mountains of info about her Broadway career, her Recording Career, and sharing the stage with some well know artists/…Including Whitney Houston,Prince.and Madonna

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