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Xenu made me do it

With Bishop Noel Jones there are Rumors of several adulterous affairs,it ain’t his first rodeo or denial
and the man certifiably does have a proven proclivity for skirt chasing starlets.

add to the mix this newest adulterous affair and love child

paints quite a rosy picture of this Pulpit Pimp


Stacy was the source of infidelity in Both of her Marriages.yes she cheated on BOTH of her HUSBANDS!

She Cheated on Her First Husband Michael Sandloafer a successful Music Producer with Her Second Husband Dr Darwin Hayes a successful Hollywood Dentist’

Michael Sandlofer, 1st Husband to X Factor‘s Stacy Francis, on Her Past, Her Scientology, and Her Problems With The Truth

She wed The Dr Hayes who became  Her Second Husband she turned around Cheated on Him with her Newest Sugar Daddy

and She even admitted to Cheating  on the VH1 TV Show Beverly Hills Fabulous!  showing the world your Wallmart Ways,No less !

So much for being faithful. and Not very Christian!

But hey! She was a Scientologist both time and cheating,infidelity and adulterous affairs are perfectly acceptable in the name of Xenu!

that Is, unless it causes a Public Relations Nightmare or Embarrassment for Scientology! then they might dig into your trash and photograph you in a compromising position from the bushes, or use some of the salacious details from your personal auditing files.

Stacy Became  a Scientologist in 2003 when she was Married to Her first Husband

When Stacy moved out to LA to further her failing Career

Stacy Continued to be a Scientologist thorough her Marriage to Dr Darwin he also was involved with Scientology

Exclusive: Close Friend of Stacy Francis’ Husband Was Afraid He Would Do Something Terrible to Bishop Noel Jones For Sleeping With His Wife!!!

enter the Holy Man with nothing to gain and everything to loose

Stacy was still a Very Very active Scientologist when She carried on Her affair Became Pregnant with the Bishops Love Child..

She carried on the affair while living with Her Husband..once a cheater always a cheater

The reason Her Divorce from Dr Darwin Hayes Has dragged out so long

its safe to assume its  because of Stacy

Its about keeping the Baby Daddy protected and the Overly Generous Child Support Flowing Into her Bank account.
Its hard work Living the fake Celebrity Lifestyle and keeping UP with Her LONG Time Celebrity Friends

theres some Mega Church Bucks of her Sugar Daddy’s Parishioners(suckers)

Money courtesy of  Bishop Noel Jones rolling in.

Praise Jebus and Pass the collection plate Stacy Francis Needs an expensive New Weave!


no use denying she knows the man ….Is there!


Babby Daddy Exposed! The Horny Bishop and The Scientologist!

Radar online broke the story

and Here it Is

X Factor’s Stacy Francis Had Affair With Bishop Noel Jones, He’s Her Baby Daddy!

we knew the denials would be hot on the heels of that admission by Mz Francis

if you haven’t noticed Stacy Is a train wreck .. first by admitting an adulterous affair on a Cable Television show

then spinning her lies over and over

Playing poor Baby Momma for a shot on X Factor! bitch be real!

your Hubby was a Dentist and your Sugar  Baby Daddy Is a RICH Bishop  with a Big Church following!

There Is no way in Hell a Pentecostal Bishop s going to admit adultery in this day and age

theres Is literally too much Money at stake for Noel Jones to make any admission…and the money Is rolling in…

Hes been paying lots of money to keep it quiet in the ongoing divorce of Mz. Francis…

(that was alluded to in the couples documented divorce case)

why back off now!


rumors of dropping his adulterous seed into a Married woman will bring in new followers?

thats a Man with some huge Narcissism Issues.

I guess he didn’t pay attention when Jimmy Swaggert got caught a second time with a Hooker and a pile of Pornography when he was pulled over by a state trooper!

and what does Stacy Francis have to say now these two have cooked up a story to cover the Bishops Ass?

deny and lie about everything! Thats Scientology!

Stacy was a Scientologist when the good Bishop dropped his sinful adulterous seed in Mz. Francis

its adulterous Affair of the Pimpin Pulpit Prince and the Chronic Pathological Liar and  Home Wrecker

the LIES will make the FALL that much HARDER!

praise Xenu and pass the popcorn!

How and Why Stacy Francis stalked Whitney Houston

Brand management expert Grant Cardone added: “Whitney’s ‘brand’ could be sold right now for $100 million. The buyer could then develop movies, plays, Cirque du Soleil-type shows and even a theme park using her name. In the end, Whitney could be a billion-dollar brand!”

Grant was eager to promote Stacy to portray Whitney ,but  that was actually before Whitney passed away.

you can see from above,The man was drooling over the money that could be made off this now Dead singers legacy.

Scientologist Grant Cardone was promoting Stacy and the two talked about  their business relationship on twitter

Grant Cardone Is a bit of a fame whore and self promoter and has promoted Stacy through a Scientology Front Group he founded

called Project 30 USA Foundation, yes Grant has guided and promoted some of Stacy’s Career in the past.

the big part of this foundation was Promoting Scientology through Artist and one of the main people it promoted was Stacy Francis.

Grant many makes his fortune as he shills himself out on the seminar circuit  teaching Car Salesmen on how to “HARD SELL” customers.

mostly hes a wealthy professional bullshitter who sells Scientology to used car salesmen.

Grant being the opportunist smelled an even bigger chunk of $$$ moolah coming his way after Stacys X-Factor appearance.

and he wanted his GIRL to Star as Whitney!

grantcardone Grant Cardone
Follow my buddy from Xfactor @stacyfrancis…Do it now. I am going to be her agent! She is a super freak Talent
24 Dec

Pat Houston Had some things on Oprah Winfrey show that what Stacy sold in Her tabloid tell all.

Stacy has a history of Not telling the truth…

and what Pat Houston had to say comes off as far more credible

“There were words back and forth between [Whitney] and a young lady I believe was on The X Factor,” Patricia Houston said on Oprah’s Next Chapter, which aired Sunday.  “[Francis] comes over, and she says hello, but you keep seeing her. Every corner that we go to, here she comes. Didn’t know her. She didn’t know her from Adam. I don’t know what the initial conversation was. I just know that it didn’t feel right”

Patricia Houston added that Francis appeared to have tears in her eyes, but said the argument did not escalate beyond that.

Stacy was there hounding Whitney, She was there to get noticed,She was there looking for something

“I grabbed her hand and said, ‘Please don’t do this. You’re everything to me. You’re my idol, you’re a legend,’” Francis said.

and according to Patrica Houston Stacy was following the singer all evening.

Stacy wanted the brass ring. She wanted to be Mz Houston! thats why she hounded the singer acted like stalker ‘

IT BACKFIRED! big time!

Stacy’s friends say Stacy jumped into this picture behind Jenifer Lopez,and that She has never met Jenifer Lopez,and was only looking to be seen.

People that truly know her say she Is obsessed with gaining fame and fortune.

Michael Sandloafer her first husband had this to say:

    She was clear about her agenda. “Stacy, number one, is very adamant about being famous,” he says. Although she had already had some success as a Broadway performer, Francis told Sandlofer that it wasn’t enough, he remembers.

“I don’t want to be famous all my life on just one block,” is something she said repeatedly, Sandlofer recalls, meaning that she needed to expand beyond Broadway singing.

Its why Stacy ultimately moved  to Los Angeles and jumped into the Scientology PR machine head first.

its why She hounded Whitney…and why she had no qualms about selling her phony story to the British Tabloids.

money and Fame.. and a rich baby daddy

Stacy Francis the “church singer”

Stacy Francis at Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Presents “Christmas Stories XVI” (By Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Entertainment)

According to Her Bio’s that Stacy has plastered all over the Internet before Her appearance on X-Factor made note of her career over the past decade

Stacy Francis grew up a preacher’s kid singing in her uncle’s church in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn NYC

Stacy has Gospel roots going back to her childhood.

another fact Is her long time Association with Chaka Khan who had been a mentor to Stacy as has taken the singer under he wing on several occasions over the past 2 decades, it was Chaka that gave her her start on the Broadway stage, got her a brief gig as a backup singer with Prince,and has appeared with Chaka on dozens of stages over the years.

in 2010 Stacy Sang for Louis Farrakhan at the Scientology Celebrity Center along with Chaka where she sang  Mariah Carey’s Hero to Minister Farrakhan. in a private event Honoring the Minister and promoting the Nation of Islam embracing Scientology’s Dianetics

Simon said on X-Factor  he didn’t like Stacy Frances‘ song choice and called her a ‘church singer

to which Stacy acted as if it was an insult.

Simon Later went on to say

Cowell admitted today, “Some of the best  singers  in the world are what I call church singers, like Aretha Franklin – that’s what I mean, what’s wrong with that? But Stacy got it so wrong last week.  So I’m going to take responsibility for what she’s singing tonight. If she gets it wrong tonight I’ll take full responsibility – but this is more me than Nicole with Stacy this week, its been me guiding her.”

Seems Simon Cowell was on the right track …

the question becomes “Gospel or Scientology Church”.. well both…

Stacy found Jesus after She became pregnant with her 2nd child her daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones

and started publicly denying her past in Scientology.

there was a effort by Mz Francis and team (which included deleting personal web pages) including many Scientology related references.

and there is only one reason for this.

Stacy dosen’t want to upset the mystery sugar daddy paying the secretive child support hush money. or offend her many new fans with her long standing association with the controversial group Scientology.


She also dosen’t want to  bite the hand  of (Scientology ) which in the past has given her enormous financial backing,and career support,,with agents,vocal training,recording studio time, Promotion and PR and hundreds of performances.

If Stacy were to  criticize Scientology  the “Church” would force all their adherents to disavow and “disconnect”  form Mz Francis..

Stacy with some close wealthy celebrity church friends  ..who praise the Gospel of L Ron Hubbard

Stacy’s  deleted web page can be found  through the Internet Archive

it mysteriously disappeared along with her real facebook page weeks before the first  X-Factor episode aired..

the company behind creating the above web site Is involved with Scientology

and yes shes advertising the sale of a CD she denies exists.

Also Chaka Khan has a long standing association with Scientology if you weren’t already aware of that fact.

My Babies! My poor poor babies

My Babies! My poor poor babiesImage

many will remember the lead in clip to Stacy’s debut performance on X-Factor

In which an over the Top Stacy lamented about struggling to keep the lights on,worrying about her babies not having enough to eat. and it was all thanks to the abuse by the doings of an Ex husband.

The truth Is Stacy Francis was responsible for any plight and turmoil in her life. real or imagined.

in reality Dr Darwin Hayes was responsible for the oldest child they had together, and in all likelihood was paying support

its the first thing the Divorce courts will order the responsible parties to do.

(He Is a working Dentist who owns his Private Practice).

The pair Is locked in a Custody Battle for the couples oldest child a son,Donovan … so financial support would be enforced and over seen by the courts. and the child would not go neglected..neither child would for that matter.

as far as the daughter Is concerned…Stacy admitted an adulterous affair on the responsibility falls on the mystery baby daddy’s shoulders but only after the court case is finalized.

Stacy wed Darwin in 2007 but filed for divorce in May 2010 and has been battling over custody of their nearly 4-year-old son Donovan. In court pa­pers, Darwin claims their marriage was “fraught with financial and emotional problems.” He also said Stacy “sought solace elsewhere, resulting in her (sec­ond) pregnancy…It is clear to me that the baby is not mine as (Stacy) has told me and many others.”

According to Los Angeles County birth records, Stacy delivered daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones on Dec. 3. While no father’s name is listed on the birth certificate, Darwin claims in court papers that Stacy “re­ceives a substantial amount of money” from her mystery baby daddy.

turns out the mystery baby daddy is throwing a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY Mz Francis way.

that may include helping pay Stacy’s Hollywood Divorce lawyer.

thats Stacy appearing on the Cable TV show Hells Kitchen..yes she say “my baby’s trying to eat”

as part of the Hells Kitchen Episode  the chefs were feeding a group of pregnant women…and Stacy was along for the ride.


It seems Stacy’s high profile friends threw a party for Stacy’s Debut on X Factor

the information can be found the web site link above

the Dancing Chef aka Lovejoy Cole III

on his web page he gives his Occupation: Super Chef, Freelance Writer, Dancer, Hustler 7.0

you can also view his high profile clientèle..and where he names drops on list of famous clients

according to the web page on:

Sept. 21 Tisha Campbell/Will Smith Party for Stacy Francis X factor debut

Will and Tisha threw a catered shindig to kick off Stacys X-Factor debut…

these are close friends who know both Darwin and Stacy …as well as the mystery baby daddy.. lets just say Will Smith knows him really well.

there celebrity friends knew of Stacy’s plight..why he hell didn’t they buy a bag of Diapers for their friend in need?

Well it was because she really wasn’t that bad off…to begin with.

Sex,Lies,Scientology & Jesus

Stacy Francs getting cozy with Mr Scientology

Stacy Francis as you can see if you check this link Stacy was Heavily into Scientology prior to X-Factor

yet publicly when questioned by the press She has adamantly denied having  anything to do with Scientology.

well it dosen’t jibe with the mountain of proof.

Stacy Francis Is promoted all over In Scientology publications and they do consider Her to be a member,not to mention she Is heavily involved with taking courses. and has performed at hundreds of  their events.(that dosen’t happen unless your a Scientologist!)

So why lie to the press. why the calculated decision to cover it up and deny it.

Stacy now contends She has found Jesus & Is reading the word of God….. “and there Is a reason”

its defiantly a step in the right direction especially after She was involved deeply with Scientology.

Actually Stacy Is still involved with Scientology at lest shes been keeping company with many of Her Scientologist friends..

Heres Stacy with Scientology Pal Grant Cardone

(Her Scientology friends would have to disconnect from her if She publicly disavowed Scientology)

heres some of Grants greatest  hits

the above articles are  an example of how Scientologist react and stop playing nice when you disavow them.

there Is actually a reason Stacy has dropped Scientology and refuses to acknowledge her past in it.

and there Is a HUGE reason Stacy Francis has suddenly found Jesus again.

its because of the mystery babydaddy who Is pushing financial support her way for her daughter she had from her latest adulterous affair.

and the Father of her daughter Anastasia Noelle Jones.

there Is a Shocking reason for the cover up and denial and Lies..

and most of Stacy’s close Celebrity friends know the answer.


Stacy Looks for Sympathy to gain fame


Stacy Francs  with the Minister Louis Farrakhan  and Scientology Reverend Alfreddie Johnson at the Scientology Celebrity Center in LA

As you know Stacy Was a Contestant on X-Factor

AS part of the publicity and Pr for the show Stacy Spun a phony story of a “struggling mother of two babies who have given up all hope of having a career in Music,because of a abusive past relationship with Her EX husband”

turns out it the accusations Stacy was leveling wasn’t directed at soon to be EX Dr Darwin Hayes DDS

yet she did allege She was left financially abandoned had to fend for herself with two young babies.

Stacy and Her PR team turned to TV Cable Network Gossip show Access Hollywood and Her close personal friend Shaun Robinson to spin the story, because of the negative press Stacy Francis  had generated.  with charges of domestic violence.

that issue Is serious and damning to the person your accusing. if its not true and Stacy used a National TV broadcast to allege abuse. as a  way to garner sympathy on her quest for fame.

The man Stacy aledges abused her was a Music Producer Michael Sandloafer

and He tells a much more believable story to the Village Voice to try and set the record straight.

they were Married Less that a Year ..and the Marriage was annulled.

this was over a DECADE AGO!

Michael Payed for an Apartment and Car out in Los Angeles so Stacy could follow her dreams

He lived in New York..and She Lived in Los Angeles

Sandlofer says, she cheated on him with the man who would become her second husband.

as it turns out that affair was with her soon to be EX-Husband Dr Darwin Hayes DDS whom Stacy also admittedly cheated on!

the interesting thing Is Michael & Stacy  optioned for an annulment rather than a divorce.

Its quite possible it wasn’t as abusive as Stacy alleges!

Michael Sandlofer actually had several complementary things to say about Stacy in the above article despite being trashed on National Television by his Ex.

it should also be noted:Michael Sandloafer and Stacy Francis do not have any children together.

This Is Dr Darwin Hayes DDS with His and Stacy’s son

the man looks perfectly capable of supporting his son..

so why the LIES Mz Francis?